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If there are any services you require which are not listed below then please call us to discuss, we may be able to help or if not we can point you to someone who will.

Tree Felling

Tree felling is the process of taking down and complete removal of a tree or trees. Usually the is done because the tree is dead, diseased, dying or dangerous or where they are in close proximity to buildings and have the potential/are causing damage to the property. In confined situations trees are dismantled in sections by skilled staff and removed accordingly.

Garden Clearance

Just moved in? Garden overgrown? BM Tree Services offer a garden clearance service to prune out of control trees, reduce the size of overgrown hedges, cut back encroaching trees and vegetation and remedial pruning/removal of overgrown trees and shrubs.

Fallen Trees

When a tree falls down it is usually due to the trees age or health, or the result of bad weather, or a combination of all three. Should you have a fallen tree that requires removal we will come to inspect the tree and begin work to remove it for you as soon as we can. Depending on the size and the location of the fallen tree, safety must be the immediate consideration.

Hedge Cutting

BM Tree Services are able to offer a service for regular cutting of large and high hedges. Where hedges have become overgrown these can be reduced in height and faced-in/reduced in width by appropriate pruning at the correct time of year. Most hedges can be treated this way but treatment is dependent on species and how overgrown the hedge is.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been felled to ground level, you may require the stump to also be removed. For this we offer a straight forward stump removal service. This procedure involves using a stump grinding machine that will grind the stump out of the ground until the stump system is destroyed. If the stump presence is not a concern, we will treat the stump to ensure that re-growth does not occur.

Tree Planting

Tree planting is a very important and essential aspect of the tree professionals job to ensure they uphold the curatorial role of maintaining and improving the continuity of tree cover and provision of visual amenity within the landscape / urbanscape. BM Tree Services are able to offer a complete tree planting service from small garden schemes up to larger commercial projects, including advice on species and provision of aftercare when required.

Logs for sale


BM Tree Services are happy to offer the opportunity to buy logs. We can provide different size logs for customers for log burners or landscaping cut to size if required.

Please contact us for details.